You can do anything, but you cannot do everything

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Master Kim’s words reverberating through my soul and consciousness as I simplify, simplify, simplify over the course of this annual two-week break.

…you can do anything, but you cannot do everything
…you can do anything, but you cannot do everything…

How this shows up for me as a student:
Choosing consciously. Choosing consciousness, more consciously, conscientiously. :p

For real, I am learning to navigate and sense what my own priorities are. I am learning to question my impulses, pause, and sink deeper into my true motivations.

What is aligned with my purpose, Now?
Does this choice reflect who I Am? Where I want to be going?

A nice exercise to reflect upon this principle is to free-write every single career you can picture yourself enjoying or embarking upon. For me, I noted teacher, professor, yogi, athletic trainer; performance artist, actress, writer, public speaker, politician, dancer, publishing agent, and more. About 20 more careers, in fact.

I notice that I can do ANY of those, but absolutely not every one of them. If I structure my own priorities around this principle, I can enjoy dancing, yoga, athletics, and more for entertainment, or on an annual, quarterly, monthly, etc. basis (realistically), while full-time pursuing my higher priorities: writing, speaking, publishing, teaching.

The awesome thing about being part of a community like SUN SHEN is that I get to experience all of these other energies through connection with all of YOU. I’m grateful for that.

Sara Vos
July 2015

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