small moments.

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I am new to the Sun Shen community, having first stepped foot in the dojo during the January open house. That evening was the second time I had met Master Kim, but the first time we really interacted. I noticed his desire and capacity to be fully present with whomever he was engaging at the time.

At one point during the open house, he said something to me that was very healing, sincere, and hit exactly on a tender spot that needed conscious attention. When I reflect on my current healing (read: epic and magnificent reaching towards God) journey which has been evolving over the past six months, I think of that moment–one moment of many in my journey, one of those moments that signify the shift is occurring and that a river of change will be gently cascading (sometimes torrenting) through your psyche and life.

I notice there are many small moments at Sun Shen, snapshots in time where a warm golden rush of energy infuses my heart, and if I’m lucky (or disciplined) enough, carries over into my relationships.

Sara Vos – July 20, 2015 – Ann Arbor, MI

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