Tai-Chi Conditioning and Pushing Hands

In this class you will learn how to deal with challenging situations gracefully while being calm and connected. You will learn to be confident and effective during conflict. You will learn to move, react, and think more powerfully and efficiently. In this class you will apply these concepts by practicing non-choreographed interaction drills that are relaxing, fun, and intellectually and intuitively stimulating. You will experience that conflict does not need to lead to violence, and can be very healing. That absolute freedom can be a way of life.


Instructed by Sifu Joseph Wang
Wednesdays 5:30pm – 7:30pm
2466 East Stadium Boulevard, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

One Week Free Trial
Tuition: $70/month
Drop in: $21
Work Study Available.

For more information or to sign up call (734) 531-8796 e-mail: info@sunshen.org


sifucroppedSifu Joseph Wang
Head Instructor

Originally from Taiwan, Sifu Joseph Wang has been practicing SUN SHEN Tai-Chi since 2003 is Master Sang Kim’s Senior Tai-Chi Student. After completing the Tai-Chi System, he began teaching in 2005. His specialty is body mechanics and movement, and he is an excellent resource for practice questions and individual instruction.