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Greetings, fellow travelers! My name is Sara Vos, and I am one of the students in Master Kim’s first-ever School of Inner Cultivation and Healing. We have been meeting since Feburary 2015, and it has been quite the transformational and miraculous journey.

Here is an overview of what we have studied so far:

The Basics – Chi and Interaction
1. General Introduction to SUN SHEN healing
2. Enjoying the opportunity that presents itself
3. Class Etiquette: Respect, Commitment, Dust Gathering into Mountain
4. Cultivation, Development and Growth, Part 1
5. Cultivation, Development and Growth, Part 2 – Cultural Context
6. Client Etiquette (Etiquette towards Teacher, to all)
7. How to see this whole thing as a Mystic Experience

The Foundation / Central Column
8. Intro to Central Column: Awakening
9. 3 Dantiens and their significance
10. Chakras (The centers in between the Dantiens)
11. Listening Part 1 – Energy

11 down, 58 to go! And I, for one, could not be more curious or astonished about WHAT ELSE IS POSSIBLE as we join together in healing and community through in-depth study of the SUN SHEN healing system and principles.

Here is a taste of the inspirational material from our first two classes:

“You have the power of the Divine in your life.”

“The only reason to come here is to choose yourself and something greater. You come here because this is your path.”

Going beyond your full potential…
Your dreams should get bigger as you age.. They will naturally grow 🙂
“Dreams growing bigger as you age is a natural phenomenon.”

“We all have masters. The question is, ‘Who is your master? Who is your master going to be?’”

“I am dedicated to helping people find what their highest priority is.”
“I want to teach the foundational conditions for you to be a healer who figures things out.”
“Can you find the right information you need to live a good life?”

“If you have mastered the art of slowing down, you will move quickly without rushing.” “Slowing yourself down is one of the fundamental ways to claim your freedom.”

“We are never late to the things that are important to us.”

“Devotion is life itself. Devotion is to be alive. Devotion is to feel okay about dying right now. If you’re not okay dying right now, you’re missing something in your life.”

“Easy is boring.”

“It takes an enormous amount of discipline not to look back.”

“No class on Earth can replace a human being.”

“There’s nothing like fighting for what we love.”

“When there’s love, you don’t wait. When is the last time you waited for something you’re passionate about? We don’t wait. We choose.”

If you are curious to learn more or to inquire about the potential of joining our discipleship, contact Alexis at

With well-wishes and a warm heart,
Sara Vos
June 16, 2015
Ann Arbor, MI

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