Blessed by God? It’s a matter of perspective.

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A Latin American crew is painting our house.  I noticed one of them, Rodrigo, tends to be calm, grounded, and peaceful.  About three weeks ago, when I was entering the house, Rodrigo was bent down sanding the door frame.  I asked him how he was in Spanish, as that’s my native tongue.  He answered “Bendecido por Dios,” or “Blessed by God.”

I’m still playing with the difference in one’s life perspective, frame of reference, attitude, mood, sense of self, sense of support, not to mention of course, connection to the Divine,  when instead of answering “I’m fine,” “I’m great,” or “I’m having a hard day,” one answers, “Blessed by God” or “Bendecido por Dios.”

It’s quite a gift to be in a receptive and supportive community of mystics and with a teacher who encourages questioning.

with deep gratitude,

margot neuhaus

july 31, 2015

washington d.c.



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