Basic Form

In this class you will build a solid foundation in Tai-Chi principles in an intimate setting, with guidance and personal adjustment in the SUN SHEN 35 Form from accomplished instructors. As you learn the sequence and details of the Form, you will experience the calm, effortless power which comes from relaxed focus.

Instructed by DaJie Ann-Margaret Giovino, SiJie Jan Katz and Alexis Neuhaus
Mondays 6pm (Neuhaus) and Thursdays 1pm (Katz)

With a 10 minute silent meditation period before class
Please Note: Doors will be locked when class starts to protect the class environment, so arrive early.

One Week Free Trial
Tuition: $55/month
Drop in: $17
Work Study Available.
Location: 2466 East Stadium Boulevard, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

For more information or to sign up call (734) 531-8796 or e-mail:



DaJie Ann-Margaret Giovino
Ann-Margaret Giovino is a senior student of SUN SHEN Tai-Chi Founder Master Sang Kim. In teaching Tai-Chi, she brings to bear expertise in strength training, alignment, and connected movement from a background in competitive Power Lifting, where she held top titles in the State of Michigan and won an International Gold Medal, and years of experience as a personal trainer and Egoscue Postural Alignment Specialist. She is the owner of Ann Arbor’s first woman owned and operated, serious strength training gym, Gym Giovino, where she teaches and sees individual clients.

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janJan Katz

Jan Katz is a senior student of SUN SHEN Tai-Chi Founder Master Sang Kim. She holds a black belt in Aikido, which she has been studying for 37 years, and is trained in the Japanese sword (Bokken), staff (Jo) and knife (Tanto). Her teachers include Kyoshi Kevin Blok of Aikido Canada/Yoshinkai and the late Sensei Takashi Kushida (z”l) of Aikido Yoshokai. She graduated from Concordia University with a BA from the Haab School of Business and an MS in Organizational Leadership. Jan retired from performing symphonic choral music, now she enjoys singing for her husband, three cats and neighbors passing by her garden.


One Student’s Experience

“One evening my instructor, Ann-Margaret, was leading us through a silent moving meditation of the 35 form. The absolute stillness in the room was inviting. The movements felt compelling. For an instant I felt a wash of peace and tranquility flow through my core. All worries aside, I felt extreme joy.

A divine moment to cherish, I have been shown a glimpse of why people seek Tai Chi.

Now I understand why I am here.”

Ann Arbor, Michigan