Progress Report: Accountability Groups, Week 3

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Dear Community,

As we settle into week three of our accountability groups, I have heard wonderful things from various disciples and students about the way this work and collaborative partnerships are creating desired changes in peoples’ lives.  I am very happy to be partnered with Matthew David, in part because we have the same Enneagram type, and I think this allows a level of very deep understanding of each other and what we each need to strengthen (and soften, too).

Speaking for myself, I am healing and learning in morsels of knowledge and experience that enhance my Inner Cultivation and Healing School studies and awareness.  It feels vulnerable and necessary to learn to receive help and feedback in such a way that allows for deepening of the principles with someone who cares.  I hope all of you are experiencing the richness or right relationship as us in our accountability group, and enjoying tracking growth and milestones as well.

Perhaps this list of ways to track and organize time, as taken from our System overview, will be helpful to think about within groups as we move forwards:

1. Daily Practices
2. Weekly Schedule
3. Goals
4. Strategy to Achieve Goal
5. Projects
6. Tasks
7. Future Projects
8. Victories
9. Growth Milestones


Happy growing,

Sara Vos


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