SUN SHEN Chi Clinic

Receive Energy and Healing Support
Five Days A Week
– In Person or Remotely –

The Chi Clinic was founded to support individuals 5 times a week, an hour a day, to help them feel centered, rested, focused and energized. You will feel a sense of wholeness from the inside where you will feel deep healing coming from deep within.

Receive 1 Free Week of Chi Healing and Support

Spiritual Counseling

The transformational powers of spiritual principles are so powerful that if understood correctly they can practically solve any problem. Master Sang Kim is available for consultations in person or over the phone for new people who are interested to try this work. Work, sex, money, love, relationships, time, stress, energy, physical and emotional problems, the experience of God.

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Mysticism for the Modern World

In every moment there is the Way, the perfect solution that is a balance point between all extremes and satisfies everything. When a person is in the Way, they are in the flow of all things.

The SUN SHEN System is a study of Mysticism that incorporates both the Christian and Taoist cultivation traditions. The mind, body and energy will integrate to find this state and bring it into all aspects of life. Someone who looks forward to every experience as an opportunity to learn and have deeper understanding of the Way is a Spiritual Warrior.

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